NGS Tube Bluetooth Sound Tower Speaker


  • Compact and lightweight 40W Bluetooth tower from NGS
  • Features: LED display, 1x USB audio input port, 2x USB charging ports and 1x AUX input
  • Take control easily with the A2DP technology
  • Elegant design including a handle which doubles up as a phone/tablet stand
  • Large button panel including bass and treble control
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
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Bring the party with you, no matter where you go!

The NGS Tube is a compact and lightweight Bluetooth tower, packing a powerful 40Watts speaker with bass and treble control.

It features a LED display showing you what mode you’re currently using, along with a built-in FM radio. The NGS Tube can be controlled from its button panel but also from your bluetooth devices, thanks to the A2DP technology. The handle of the NGS Tube can also be used as a stand, allowing your phone or tablet to remain in a stand up position and can even charge your device using one of the 2x USB charging ports.

But it doesn’t stop there!

The NGS tube features an SD card slot as well as an audio input USB port and an AUX input to let you listen to your favorite music even without Bluetooth devices.

Compact, Elegant Design, Great Sound Quality, Compatible with Most Devices… Can it get any better?


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